Stephanie Ortega

Despite a recent career change into the field of cybersecurity, I am passionate about spreading awareness regarding cybersecurity and how it relates to students, patients, professionals, and everyone in the community. I believe that my background in behavior analysis will not only assist in understanding why users behave in ways that undermine security, but also how to manage these preferences in order to foster an appreciation and understanding of digital security.


National University

2018-present MS in Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Specialization in Pen Testing and Ethical Hacking

Florida Institute of Technology

Graduated 2015 MA in Professional Behavior Analysis

Florida International University

Graduated 2014 BA in Psychology

Professional Experience

Leadership Experience

Senator and Committee Chair for Student Government

Co-founder and Chair for Pantene Beautiful Lengths


Tara Loux, Gavin A. Falk, Michaela Gaffley, et al., “Single-Incision Single-Instrument Adnexal Surgery in Pediatric Patients,” Minimally Invasive Surgery, vol. 2015, Article ID 246950, 6 pages, 2015.