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My Motivational Experience at SCaLE 17x: I’m Pumped Up!

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I couldn’t attend the RSA Conference this past weekend so instead of staying home upset over having to miss out on all the cyber goodies, I attended SCaLE 17x in Pasadena, CA. In case you didn’t know, SCaLE is the Southern California Linux Expo and this past weekend, they hosted their 17th Annual conference in […]

My Experience Creating a Small and Medium Business Threat Intelligence Website


If you read this post, chances are: you’re curious about my portfolio piece, or an entrepreneur interested in small and medium business threat intelligence. 7 SharesShare4Pin3ShareShareTweet

[VIDEO] 7 Reasons to Join Your Campus Cybersecurity Team in 2019

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Sure, there are always great resources for cybersecurity students to study on their own, but nothing beats hands-on experience gained in friendly competition. To that end, I’m here to give you 7 reasons you should join your campus’ cybersecurity team in 2019. 27 SharesShare22Pin5ShareShareTweet

My Cybersecurity Goals for 2019


I can’t believe it’s already 2019 and I’ve just completed my first two classes in cybersecurity. They were difficult but very rewarding – I learned so much! This time last year I was dabbling in digital media, without a clue as to how much I would enjoy cybersecurity, much less how to get my foot […]

Lessons Learned As A First-Term Cybersecurity Student


I’m just about done with my first term in my cybersecurity program! It’s been such a great experience so far that I’d like to share my top lessons learned as a first-term cybersecurity student. 20 SharesShare14Pin6ShareShareTweet

More Resources for Cybersecurity Students


When I first began my CyberSec program, it took me about a month to really catch the bug to want to learn. Maybe it had something to do with transitioning to being back in school after so long. Or perhaps it was because I felt a little (read: a LOT) out of my comfort zone […]

12 Days of Christmas


Today is the first of December and since this is a brand new blog, I would like to spend this holiday season giving you, my readers, plenty of new content to check out on the page. 104 SharesPin101Share3ShareShareTweet

Types of Hackers


When you think of a hacker… do you imagine something like this? 28 SharesShare22Pin5Tweet1ShareShare