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63 Tips for Improving Your Online Security


Living a connected life can definitely have its perks: what feels like limitless access to learning and entertainment, the ability to engage with global communities, and shopping from the comfort of your couch. But these benefits also have their dark side: an increased chance of breaches of privacy from marketers and politicians and threats from […]

[VIDEO] But I’m a Really Boring Person… Do I Really Need to Protect My Privacy?

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 “Go on, hack me. I have nothing to hide.” “Do I really need to protect my privacy that intensely? I guess I just don’t see the point when I don’t really do much on my computer.” “If anyone hacked my webcam, they’d just be really bored.” “I’m just a nobody, the hackers wouldn’t waste […]

What is a Password Manager and Why Use One?


Last week we talked about how to create a secure password and examples of what makes a good (or bad) password. Remember how all the examples of strong passwords were impossible to remember? Well, don’t worry, because that’s where password managers come in. 6 SharesShare4Pin2ShareShareTweet

How to Create a Secure Password

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As technology continues to improve and grow in reach, we find it seeping into more and more aspects of our lives. Online school, shopping, e-filing taxes, personalized care (Prose and Curology, anyone?), digitized health records, and it always starts the same way: 4 SharesShare2Pin2ShareShareTweet

Is Facebook Putting You At Risk?


Of course it is, who am I kidding? Since the fall of Myspace, Facebook has been a solid fixture in our society. More recently, however, thanks to its dicey role in scandals (elections or otherwise), Facebook’s user numbers have been on the decline. But perhaps you’re still on Facebook? If so, you may be endangering […]

Staying Safe This Holiday Season: Online Safety Begins Offline

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The holidays should be a happy time. Friends and families gather to give thanks and show their love and appreciation for each other. Unfortunately, however, it’s one of the seasons when scammers are most active. So how can you protect yourself from cyber attacks this holiday season? 1 SharesPin1ShareShareShareTweet

12 Days of Christmas


Today is the first of December and since this is a brand new blog, I would like to spend this holiday season giving you, my readers, plenty of new content to check out on the page. 104 SharesPin101Share3ShareShareTweet

How to Stay Safe Online Shopping During the Holidays

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The holidays are here! I am a total nut when it comes to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the get-togethers, gift-giving (and receiving), the whole shebang. But… what I don’t love about the holidays? How active the black hats get online. So be sure to follow these steps to keep yourself safe […]

What is PII and How to Keep It Safe


What is PII? PII stands for Personally Identifying Information. Personally identifying information refers to any information that can be used to identify an individual person on paper or online. 0 SharesShareShareSharePinTweet