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4 Essential Security Terms: Assets and Vulnerabilities vs Threats vs Risks

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Assets and Vulnerabilities vs Threats vs Risks   Although rarely understood by those outside the field of security, the nuances between these terms are critical. Especially if you even intend to protect your company’s assets. 2 SharesPin2ShareShareShareTweet

4 Simple Tips to Boost Cybersecurity for Your Startup – TODAY

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You may not want to spend your limited funds on it, but cybersecurity for your startup is one of those invisible necessities you should invest in from Day 1. After all, you don’t realize how truly valuable it is until your assets are compromised. Do you have a plan to implement cybersecurity for your startup? […]

Tips for Enterprises on Protecting Yourself From Ransomware


Follow my blog with Bloglovin >>  For most business owners, cybersecurity may seem daunting, mysterious, and scary. With all the examples of ransomware in the news nowadays, it seems that no one is safe. That isn’t true, however. There are easy tips and tools you can use to protect your business from ransomware. Here are […]

Electronic Health Records… Are they worth the risk?


When it comes to digitizing documents, it seems like healthcare would be a great place to start, wouldn’t it? Doctors treating a patient can discuss potential courses of action. Patients can access their test results from the comfort of their home. It sounds like a dream. However, research has shown that up to 90% of […]

12 Days of Christmas


Today is the first of December and since this is a brand new blog, I would like to spend this holiday season giving you, my readers, plenty of new content to check out on the page. 104 SharesPin101Share3ShareShareTweet