Author: Stephanie Ortega

Stephanie Ortega is a cybersecurity student pursuing her second master's degree after a career in behavior analysis. She enjoys Netflix, the company of her three pets and partner, and traveling.

My Motivational Experience at SCaLE 17x: I’m Pumped Up!

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I couldn’t attend the RSA Conference this past weekend so instead of staying home upset over having to miss out on all the cyber goodies, I attended SCaLE 17x in Pasadena, CA. In case you didn’t know, SCaLE is the Southern California Linux Expo and this past weekend, they hosted their 17th Annual conference in […]

The Right to be Forgotten

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The “right to be forgotten” is the idea that individuals have the right to “determine the development of their life in an autonomous way, without being stigmatized due to an action performed in the past.” (Mantelero, 2013). 4 SharesPin3Share1+1ShareTweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

4 Essential Security Terms: Assets and Vulnerabilities vs Threats vs Risks

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Assets and Vulnerabilities vs Threats vs Risks   Although rarely understood by those outside the field of security, the nuances between these terms are critical. Especially if you even intend to protect your company’s assets. 3 SharesPin2Share1+1ShareTweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

My Experience Creating a Small and Medium Business Threat Intelligence Website


If you read this post, chances are: you’re curious about my portfolio piece, or an entrepreneur interested in small and medium business threat intelligence. 8 SharesShare4Pin3Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

4 Simple Tips to Boost Cybersecurity for Your Startup – TODAY

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You may not want to spend your limited funds on it, but cybersecurity for your startup is one of those invisible necessities you should invest in from Day 1. After all, you don’t realize how truly valuable it is until your assets are compromised. Do you have a plan to implement cybersecurity for your startup? […]

Tips for Enterprises on Protecting Yourself From Ransomware


Follow my blog with Bloglovin >>  For most business owners, cybersecurity may seem daunting, mysterious, and scary. With all the examples of ransomware in the news nowadays, it seems that no one is safe. That isn’t true, however. There are easy tips and tools you can use to protect your business from ransomware. Here are […]

[VIDEO] 7 Reasons to Join Your Campus Cybersecurity Team in 2019

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Sure, there are always great resources for cybersecurity students to study on their own, but nothing beats hands-on experience gained in friendly competition. To that end, I’m here to give you 7 reasons you should join your campus’ cybersecurity team in 2019. 27 SharesShare22Pin4Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

No More Reblog Mondays?

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After much debate, I have decided that there will be no more Reblog Mondays… at least not for the time being! 7 SharesPin5Share1Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

My Cybersecurity Goals for 2019


I can’t believe it’s already 2019 and I’ve just completed my first two classes in cybersecurity. They were difficult but very rewarding – I learned so much! This time last year I was dabbling in digital media, without a clue as to how much I would enjoy cybersecurity, much less how to get my foot […]

Reblog Mondays E6: Facebook Tracks Non-Users Via Android Apps

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We all know that Facebook is an absolute menace to our privacy, through their company policies as well as the way they encourage us to share our PII and categorize it in an absurdly hackable way. In case you didn’t know, here’s some light reading for you. 6 SharesPin3Share2Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

Reblog Mondays E5: Ten Security Tips for MongoDB

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Does your company use MongoDB for its databases? If so, here are 10 security tips for MongoDB you should implement today. 18 SharesShare13Pin4Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

Reblog Mondays E4: Secure Email Services

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Building on my 63 tips for improving your online security, today we’re chatting about secure email services. 4 SharesPin2Share1Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

63 Tips for Improving Your Online Security


Living a connected life can definitely have its perks: what feels like limitless access to learning and entertainment, the ability to engage with global communities, and shopping from the comfort of your couch. But these benefits also have their dark side: an increased chance of breaches of privacy from marketers and politicians and threats from […]

Lessons Learned As A First-Term Cybersecurity Student


I’m just about done with my first term in my cybersecurity program! It’s been such a great experience so far that I’d like to share my top lessons learned as a first-term cybersecurity student. 21 SharesShare14Pin6Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

Reblog Mondays E3: Two Dozen Dangerous Google Play Store Apps

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Welcome to the third episode of Reblog Mondays! For today’s post, I want to share a very important message about some dangerous Google Play store apps. A few weeks ago, the Google Play Store removed almost two dozen apps with more than 2 million combined downloads. This was after researchers found that the apps contained […]

Electronic Health Records… Are they worth the risk?


When it comes to digitizing documents, it seems like healthcare would be a great place to start, wouldn’t it? Doctors treating a patient can discuss potential courses of action. Patients can access their test results from the comfort of their home. It sounds like a dream. However, research has shown that up to 90% of […]

[VIDEO] But I’m a Really Boring Person… Do I Really Need to Protect My Privacy?

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 “Go on, hack me. I have nothing to hide.” “Do I really need to protect my privacy that intensely? I guess I just don’t see the point when I don’t really do much on my computer.” “If anyone hacked my webcam, they’d just be really bored.” “I’m just a nobody, the hackers wouldn’t waste […]

What is a Password Manager and Why Use One?


Last week we talked about how to create a secure password and examples of what makes a good (or bad) password. Remember how all the examples of strong passwords were impossible to remember? Well, don’t worry, because that’s where password managers come in. 7 SharesShare4Pin2Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

How to Create a Secure Password

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As technology continues to improve and grow in reach, we find it seeping into more and more aspects of our lives. Online school, shopping, e-filing taxes, personalized care (Prose and Curology, anyone?), digitized health records, and it always starts the same way: 5 SharesShare2Pin2Share1+1TweetShareShareRedditFlipVotePocket

Is Facebook Putting You At Risk?


Of course it is, who am I kidding? Since the fall of Myspace, Facebook has been a solid fixture in our society. More recently, however, thanks to its dicey role in scandals (elections or otherwise), Facebook’s user numbers have been on the decline. But perhaps you’re still on Facebook? If so, you may be endangering […]